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How often should I get a professional teeth cleaning?

Most patients visit their dentist every six months for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. This schedule has been shown to lower cavity risks and help prevent other oral health conditions like gingivitis and gum disease.

Six-month teeth cleanings are for patients with healthy smiles. If you have specific dental health issues, your Fort Collins dentist may recommend more frequent visits, especially in the case of gum disease, which can threaten your overall health and cost you your teeth.

Your Professional Teeth Cleaning in Fort Collins, CO

Your teeth cleaning is a chance to relax in our comfy dental chair. While you recline, the hygienist gently uses special tools to rid your teeth of tartar buildup, thereby lessening the odds of oral health complications.

Between dental checkups and teeth cleanings, adopt an excellent oral care routine. You enjoy excellent dental health for life through your efforts and ours.

Is It Time for Your Teeth Cleaning in Fort Collins, CO?

If you have not been in to see us in a while or if you’re looking to establish dentistry in our area, give us a call today. Additionally, reach out if you ever have questions about your oral hygiene or our dental treatments.

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