Root Canals

man getting tooth extraction in fort collinsUsing leading-edge dental technology, Dr. Ryan Rush performs comfortable, stress-free root canals at our modern Fort Collins dental office. While the phrase "root canal" has traditionally been associated with an unpleasant experience, we know the reality is quite different!

Contrary to what you might believe, a root canal is not a painful procedure to avoid but a necessary treatment that relieves your pain and preserves your tooth.

The purpose of root canal treatment is to save a tooth by eliminating infected or inflamed tissue from deep inside it. It's not the procedure that causes the intense pain most people feel. It is the infection, and when we remove it with root canal treatment, we also eliminate the pain!

Why We Need to Perform a Root Canal

Your teeth are composed of three layers. Enamel is the hard outer layer, dentin is the softer layer beneath, and at the center of your tooth is an enclosed area called the pulp chamber. This part of the tooth carries nerves, blood vessels, and tissue that keep a tooth healthy. It is typically well protected, but if bacteria make their way into the area due to a deep cavity, crack, or trauma, the pulp gradually dies.

This can cause an excruciating toothache, and the only option to relieve your pain and save your tooth is to perform root canal treatment.

The Root Canal Procedure

Performing a root canal at our Fort Collins dental office is a straightforward procedure, thanks to precise planning using digital imaging technology. Before starting your root canal, Dr. Rush numbs the tooth with a powerful local anesthetic to ensure you won't feel any pain. Would you like a little extra help to relax? We offer calming sedation with nitrous oxide so that you can remain calm and comfortable during your procedure.

When we're sure you're comfortable, Dr. Rush begins by accessing the interior of your tooth. He then efficiently and painlessly eliminates the infection from the canals of your tooth using leading-edge rotary endodontic technology. 

Dr. Rush then fills the hollowed-out area with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha, and the final step is to place a temporary filling on the tooth. After healing, he will determine whether a final filling or crown is more appropriate.

Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

root canal infection fort collinsWhile an examination by our Fort Collins dentist is the only way to diagnose an infected tooth, there are symptoms to keep in mind between dental visits, including:

  • Persistent tooth pain that continues to worsen
  • Severe, lingering pain when biting down or when touching the tooth
  • Intense sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • A bump on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Pain that radiates throughout the jaw       
  • Swollen, tender, or inflamed gums
  • A change in the color of the tooth

Most root canal infections result in uncomfortable symptoms, but not all; it is possible to have an infected tooth without noticing any of these symptoms. This is why we continue to advocate routine dental exams and cleanings as the best way to stay current with your oral health condition and needs.

Do You Need a Root Canal in Fort Collins, CO?

If you suspect you might be suffering from a tooth root infection, we invite you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rush.

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