Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are widespread, and few people can claim they’ve never had one. Most of us will have to deal with tooth decay at some point and require a filling to restore the tooth to complete health.

If you do develop tooth decay, it’s crucial to have your dentist treat it right away. A small cavity is relatively easy to fix, and waiting only gives the decay time to spread and damage the tooth even further.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

smiling friends taking selfiePlacing a dental filling is a procedure that eliminates decay and restores a tooth's function, integrity, and structure. Filling the tooth halts the progress of decay, prevents further damage, and restores the tooth so you can chew on it comfortably again.

Creates a Virtually Invisible Repair

When treating a cavity at our Fort Collins dental office, Dr. Ryan Rush uses tooth-colored composite filling material. Composite resin fillings are a mixture of glass and resin particles that give it a translucent appearance similar to tooth enamel. By matching the shade of the material to the color of the tooth we’re treating, Dr. Rush creates a virtually invisible repair.

Helps Preserve Tooth Structure

The goal of dentistry is to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible for as long as possible. Composite tooth fillings help because the process we use to place them requires us to remove only the decayed portion, leaving the remaining healthy tooth structure intact.

Corrects Cosmetic Dental Flaws

Since composite resin filling material looks so realistic, and since we can shade it to match your natural tooth color, it's perfect for a process called cosmetic bonding. With bonding, we can correct minor aesthetic flaws like small chips and breaks, tooth discoloration, uneven gaps between teeth, or reshape a poorly proportioned tooth.

The Process for Placing a Tooth Filling

If Dr. Rush recommends a tooth filling, he will explain what he found and how treatment will benefit you. He can share an x-ray or intraoral image with you to show you the area of decay and help you understand why we recommend treatment.

before and after tooth colored filling in fort collinsBefore we begin treatment, we use a potent local anesthetic to numb the tooth because we want to ensure that you are comfortable and don’t experience any pain. If you feel anxious and would like some help to relax, we offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas for your comfort.

Using comfortable, highly precise electric handpieces, Dr. Rush carefully removes only the decayed portion of the tooth. Next, the area is thoroughly cleaned and dried, and we apply an etching solution to the prepared surfaces, and the tooth is ready for filling.

Dr. Rush builds up the composite filling material in layers, shaping each to match the contours of your tooth. He hardens each layer with a curing light and continues repeating these steps until the tooth is healthy and cavity-free.

The result is a cavity repair that is virtually undetectable from the tooth. Composite tooth fillings stand up to normal wear and tear, and with proper care, can last 5-8 years.

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