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Your Dentist Misses You! And 3 Other Reasons to Get A Checkup

November 29, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Ryan Rush DDS
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The past several years have made quite a dent in the average dental checkups we in Fort Collins should be enjoying. But unfortunately, one statistic shows that nearly four in ten Americans haven't been to the dentist in a year or longer. Though this may not seem too major, your dentist knows otherwise.

Regular dental visits are vital in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. While professional cleaning is an indispensable part of your periodic visit, the less well-known aspects of these appointments make them essential. Dr. Ryan Rush and his team of dental professionals offer these three reasons to book an appointment if it's been a while.

#1 – Early Detection Will Save You

When Dr. Rush looks under the hood, he's watching for the earliest signs of potential problems. We all know that he's looking for cavities and possible tooth decay, but he's also here to prevent other, sometimes more severe conditions, such as:

  • Compromised dental restorations, loose fillings, or crowns
  • Gum disease, which is reversible if we catch it soon enough
  • Jaw misalignments
  • Oral cancer

We cannot stress the last one enough; oral cancer screening is vital because cancer is so much more treatable in its early stages.

#2 – Prevention Is the Name of the Game

Even if you're a toothbrush aficionado and an artist with floss, you still may miss some plaque which causes tooth decay and other issues. When we examine and clean your teeth, our hygienists can reach places you cannot, ridding you of the accumulations that cause most oral health problems.

#3 – Sets A Good Example

If you have children, then modeling good behavior is more effective than telling them what to do. Parents who keep their regular dental appointments raise children who grow up with healthy smiles. You can even make appointments at our Fort Collins dentist's office for the whole family to make it extra convenient.

Don't Neglect Your Fort Collins General Dentist

Your dentist misses you! Don't let another year go by without a checkup and a professional cleaning with Dr. Rush and his team. We invite you to call and schedule an appointment today.

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