Tooth Extraction in Fort Collins, CO

Tooth Extraction in Fort Collins, CO

A dental extraction is the procedure of removing the tooth from its socket in the bone. Tooth extractions are recommended in various situations such as when the tooth is severely decayed and beyond salvage, affected by infection, loosened by gum disease, or needs to be removed to facilitate orthodontic treatments to realign the rest of the teeth. At Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, we perform gentle teeth extractions to provide relief and make your oral health more vibrant.

Types of Tooth Extractions

  • Simple Extraction

In a simple tooth extraction, Dr. Ryan Rush will use the elevator to loosen the tooth, followed by forceps to remove it altogether. In more complex cases, the targeted tooth may be extracted in pieces for the patient’s comfort. The simple extraction is performed under local anesthesia.

  • Surgical Extraction

Surgical extraction usually involves the removal of an embedded wisdom tooth under local anesthesia. An incision on the gums is made to cut it open and pull out the tooth. After the extraction, the site is sutured up to ensure faster healing. 

Procedure for Dental Extraction

A complete record of the patient’s current health condition and an X-ray of the affected tooth are necessary for any safe tooth extraction. A full mouth X-ray will reveal the exact position of the tooth and its connection with the adjacent tooth.  

Before the tooth extraction process, an anesthetic is used to numb the area. The tooth then is loosened and pulled out with dental tools. A blood clot is allowed to develop in the remaining socket. To stop the bleeding, the patient will be required to bite down on a gauze pad. A few dissolvable stitches are done to close the socket and end the procedure.

Extraction Aftercare

After the extraction, we would strongly suggest following a few instructions: 

  • Take painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed.
  • Do not smoke as it may impede healing.
  • Refrain from spitting or rinsing your mouth forcefully.  
  • Drink with a straw for a day to avoid dislocating the blood clot formed in the socket.
  • Eat soft food after the procedure. 
  • Consume solid food gradually. 
  • Avoid chewing and biting on the affected side.
  • Do not put excessive pressure on the exposed gum.
  • Follow routine dental hygiene procedures carefully to prevent infection.
  • Avoid vigorous brushing near the extraction site to avoid irritation.
  • Take the rest of the day off or until the anesthetic fades off.

If you are looking for painless tooth extractions, call us at Ryan Rush, DDS PLLC, Dentist Fort Collins CO 80526, at (970) 223-5393, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rush.


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