Teeth Whitening in Fort Collins, CO

Teeth Whitening in Fort Collins, CO

Tooth stains and discoloration can have an adverse effect on the way people feel about themselves and the way others judge them. Fortunately, the latest teeth whitening procedures allow people to considerably brighten their smiles and be ready to flash their pearly whites. At Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, we provide professional whitening solutions for our patients and help them regain their smiles.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth stains are pretty common, even among people who have followed good oral hygiene practices throughout their lives. Regrettably, some of our favorite foods and beverages can contribute to discolorations and stains. Most acidic foods can also encourage staining by etching the surface of teeth, which leaves them more susceptible to stains.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are also significant contributors to tooth discoloration. Other reasons include aging and genetic characteristics that can cause natural discoloration, even in people who avoid staining foods and beverages.

Dr. Ryan Rush can help you select suitable whitening strategies based on the cause and extent of your tooth discoloration. While many people can achieve brilliant results, others can only brighten their smiles a few shades. As your dentist, we can help you set achievable goals depending on your unique condition.

What Are Teeth Whitening Options?

There are two significant teeth whitening options: in-office and at-home procedures available for patients who want brighter smiles. Teeth whitening performed in our office will take about an hour and give instant and long-lasting results. The at-home process can be undertaken with our assistance in the comfort of your home, but the treatment would need a longer time to take effect. 

What Is the Process for Teeth Whitening?

Your treatment technique will depend on the extent of discoloration and the whitening strategy chosen by you. The in-office procedure will involve applying a bleaching gel to your teeth and then using a special light to activate the chemical process, which will whiten the teeth’s color. The procedure will be quick, delivering instant results. 

The process for the take-home procedure includes taking impressions of your teeth and then using these impressions to create customized trays. You will then need to use these trays at home according to our instruction, along with a powerful, professional-strength whitening solution. We will instruct you on the duration for which the trays have to be worn. This is a gradual process, and the whitening effects you want will take some time to manifest.

If you are interested in learning more about our teeth whitening procedures, call Ryan Rush, DDS PLLC, Dentist Fort Collins CO 80526 at (970) 223-5393 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rush.


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