Root Canal Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Root Canal Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Teeth can get damaged in several ways. Sometimes things happen, and you find yourself in a serious accident and your tooth gets badly compromised. Other times, despite adequate oral hygiene, a cavity forms that needs to be treated. Regardless of how it happens, you would never want to deal with an impaired tooth and the possibility of requiring an extraction.

With a root canal procedure, you don’t have to settle for a tooth extraction. At Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, we can get your tooth back to normal by providing the best possible care. 

What Is a Root Canal?

“Root canals” refer to both the area of the tooth that needs a cure and the procedure. They are a restorative procedure that removes decayed or damaged tissue, cures the infection of the inner tooth, and covers the tooth to protect it from future conditions. Root canals are considered a standard procedure performed routinely by dentists and have an exceptionally high success rate.

When Would You Need a Root Canal?

Plaque forms on the teeth and, over time, it calcifies and becomes tartar. Plaque and tartar slowly destroy the enamel and create cavities that expose the innermost layers of teeth. Once enough damage has occurred, it will cause an infection inside the inner tooth, where the pulp and nerve endings are located.  This infection can be extremely harmful not just to your oral health but also to your overall health. Additionally, you will also be suffering from significant pain. If you want to save your tooth, get rid of the pain, and regain your oral health, a root canal will be needed.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Contrary to popular belief, root canals are performed to address the ache in the tooth with as little pain as possible, if any. Most people experienced as little pain with root canal therapy as with a dental filling procedure. Your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue will be made utterly numb during treatment, protecting you from pain during the treatment itself.

What Is the Aftercare for a Root Canal?

Root canals are minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures. But that doesn’t mean you should not set aside time for recovery. After your procedure, you should take sufficient rest and avoid eating foods until the numbing anesthetic begins to wear off. We will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to ease your pain and soreness. In case of any swelling, apply an ice pack to your cheek. If you suffer from pain or swelling for more than two days, contact our office right away.

If you decide on undergoing a root canal treatment, call us at Ryan Rush, DDS PLLC, Dentist Fort Collins CO 80526, at (970) 223-5393, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rush.


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