Dentures in Fort Collins, CO

Dentures in Fort Collins, CO

Most patients begin to lose teeth as they age, either because of decay, gum disease, or trauma. When patients lose the bulk or all of their teeth, we at Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, often recommend complete or partial dentures to restore function and create a more natural appearance for our patients.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable alternatives for missing teeth and the tissues that surround them. Dentures come in one of two types: complete and partial. Partial dentures are apt for patients with a few natural teeth remaining, while complete dentures are perfect for those who have lost all of their teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are designed to replace the whole set of teeth of patients who have lost all of their natural teeth. Traditional complete dentures are created and placed in the mouth approximately two to three months after extracting any remaining teeth, and the gum tissue has fully healed. If necessary, immediate dentures can be fabricated in advance and placed as soon as teeth are removed. 

Immediate dentures enable the patient to avoid living without teeth during the healing process. Besides, it also prevents the shrinking of the gums and bones.  But the immediate dentures need more adjustments than the conventional dentures. For this reason, we advise our patients to see immediate dentures as more of a temporary solution until their permanent dentures are ready.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are composed of replacement teeth fastened to a gum-colored plastic base and connected to a metal framework that holds the denture securely in place within the mouth. A partial denture is usually recommended for patients whose missing teeth have compromised their oral function but still have a few natural teeth remaining in the lower or upper arch of the mouth.

Besides filling in spaces created by missing teeth, a partial denture can support existing teeth and keep them from moving out of place. Based on their situations, some patients also can get removable precision partial dentures, which have internal attachments attached to adjoining crowns to form a bridge.

What Is the Procedure For Dentures?

If you decide on getting complete or partial dentures, Dr. Ryan Rush will first examine your mouth and discuss potential alternatives. If dentures are determined to be the best option for your condition, your teeth and gums impressions will be taken. These impressions are sent over to our dental laboratory to fabricate your dentures. Once ready, we will fix the dentures after making sure of the fit and comfort. Adjustments are generally necessary after that as well to maximize comfort and ensure proper function. 

If you are looking for solutions to replace your missing teeth, call Ryan Rush, DDS PLLC, Dentist Fort Collins CO 80526 at (970) 223-5393 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rush.


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