Child Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

Child Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

To help safeguard your child's future and current dental health, it's vital to cultivate good dental hygiene practices from a very early age. Besides good brushing and flossing habits, your child's oral health also depends on regular exams and cleanings to identify minor issues before they progress into grave problems.

Whether your child requires a minor cleaning or a major dental procedure, we at Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, provide expert, compassionate care that puts your child's comfort above everything else.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is an expert dental professional who specializes in the dental care of infants, children, and teens. These dentists have also received advanced training to work with children with special needs, making treatment easier for the patient.

What Is the Importance of Children's Dentistry?

Most parents are under the wrong impression that dental exams can wait until their children develop adult teeth. Regrettably, it's pretty standard for young children to suffer from a wide range of dental issues that need attention from a pediatric dental professional.

Tooth decay and gum disease can impede oral cavity development from a young age. Additionally, jaw alignment issues can make it hard for growing children to chew food. Genetic problems can also lead to severe developmental problems that can diminish life quality years down the line. Even minor issues can affect speech development, adversely impacting school performance and increasing social difficulties.

Timely intervention can help prevent these issues. Hence, it becomes essential to have a trusted pediatric dentist who can treat your child at every stage of development. Even if your child seemingly has healthy, normal teeth and gums, you should schedule regular dental checkups to discover underlying issues and protect your child's long-term oral health.

What Can You Expect During a Routine Exam?

Just as correct dental hygiene practices can develop at a young age so can fears. It's pretty normal for children to feel anxious about visiting the dentist, especially if it's their very first time. Hence, at our office, we take special care to ensure that every pediatric patient feels welcome and relaxed. Our philosophy is a patient-first approach, and our entire team works hard to make your child feel safe and peaceful during every minute of their visit.

When Should You Arrange Your Child's First Appointment?

Ideally, you should arrange your child's first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth emerges. This will help reduce your child's fear of dental treatments while allowing us to identify common developmental issues that may benefit from early diagnosis.

If you want to bring your child for their first dental appointment, call Ryan Rush DDS PLLC in Fort Collins, CO 80526, at (970) 223-5393, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rush.


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